My Cards EP

by Steven Hein



released April 11, 2012

All words & music by Steven Hein
except "Fed With Shit" by the band Fight Your Creation.
Listen to the original version on the
bands homepage

Artwork by K L Schmaltz.
Photograph by Gwendolyn Schnittker.
Sleeve design by Steven Hein.
Thorsten Marach plays the drums on "Follow You".

The Song "My Cards" is taken from the forthcoming album "Curses Curses Curses".
All other songs appear exclusively on this EP.



all rights reserved


Steven Hein Krefeld, Germany

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Track Name: My Cards [Single Edit]
My Cards

As even I do not believe
She reads the cards
Fit so exactly
My future, present, latest past
so hopefully to me

How could she know what I've been thru
How could she know where I am at now
There seems to be a secret way
In which she reads my cards

And when it all comes down again
Just think of something that's above your head
Make it shine and glitter
Make it your guide
Who might lead you
You back to the light

And when it all comes crushing down
Make sure your feet are on stable ground
Just hold your balance
And keep a space to both sides
And leave a light on for the night
Leave a light on for the night
Track Name: C.D.B.W.

Curses on the sideways
Curses straight ahead
But I'm on my way
Let it flip and turn all over
I'm on my way
And I'm starting to kick
At what is blocking my way

Curses all 360°
Look out there it goes
I am on my way
Yeah just skip it
Start all over
I'm on my way
And I like it to flip
From the top to the bottom

Turn it around
Tell it: Get loose
Turn it around
Setting it loose
Track Name: Follow You
Follow You

Is there anything you want me to
I promise I will follow you
The words I read between that lines
I beg that you would also do

It's what it's like
And it's not in my mind
I hope you feel the same

If anyone could break me
You would be the one who easily do
My heart is open wide to you
Although I never told it to

No well advice from none of you
Could change the way I feel for you
And even thou I know the risk
I try to make you mine

It's what it's like
And it's not in my mind
I hope you feel the same
It's what it's like
And I cannot deny
I hope you feel the same
For me too